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Sanity Post - aka A Word From Our Sponsor

Welcome / Welcome Back

There are a few things I feel I need to say regarding the scans that I share on this journal.

Up until now all my posts have been public and open with no restrictions or rules.

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Magazines - November 2015 [1]

Sharing the latest issues of Myojo and Popolo - for November 2015.

I have to admit I'm not really sure what kind of look they were going for in Myojo, especially for Shige. Take note of how big the shoes are they put him in and then imagine him trying to walk around in them. Those combined with dressing gown (?) -- it's gotta make you wonder.

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Great Nature Pamphlet

Back again with scans from the pamphlet for Great Nature.

A few scanner notes though. The big challenge with this pamphlet and the one-sheet flyer that is also included, is that they are printed with a fluoro pink ink that is just way too much for my scanner to handle. Ultimately I've had to manually put the pinks back in and some pages handled it better than others. So please excuse the variations in the pink.

Also this time I have basically focused on scanning the more relevant and Koyama pages than the whole pamphlet. Trust me, all that fluoro pink gives you a headache after a while. But the Koyama pics are very pretty.

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Koyama's Great Nature Play Notebook

As well as the pamphlet the special merchandise item for Koyama's play is a notebook.

It is a small whilte notebook, 14 x 9cm in dimension, with photo pages at the front and back and ruled and blank pages through the centre. The lining inside the cover is purple, as is the bookmark ribbon and the lines and text on each of the pages for writing, which also feature Koyama's name.

Sharing here the photo pages from the notebook, which were organised in 2 discrete sets starting from both covers, which both have Koyama's name on them. Another very nice keepsake.

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Sharing another collection of recent magazine appearances from Koyama in the lead up to his play.

The magazines include Cinema★Cinema, Theater Guide, TV Pia and the free radio mag distributed on the Tokyo metro.

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Magazines - October 2015 [2]

Sharing the latest issues of Duet, Potato and WinkUp.

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Magazine Catch Up - Jun-Jul 2015

Sharing another round of magazine scan catch-ups. These are from the June - July period following the Tokyo Dome concert and the end of the White tour, leading into the release of Chumu Chumu.

Mags included are TV LIFE, TV Pia, The Television, TV Guide, TVfan and TVnavi, with a variety of group photoshoots.

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Koyama Magazine Scans

Sharing Koyama's recent magazine appearances promoting his new play.

Scans feature - Best Stage, Stage Square., Monthly TV Guide, TV LIFE and Monthly TV navi.

The only disappointment was that although he appeared in the two stage magazines we didn't get any posters this time around.

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Magazines - October 2015 [1]

Sharing the latest issues of Myojo and Popolo.

Myojo this month has a poster but it's a long strip poster with 4 solo shots put together. Still it is designed to promote their current solo activities rather than anything group related.

The Popolo shoot has a definite theme and also mentions that NEWS is having their 13th anniversary in 2 weeks. It remains both a surprise and a huge bonus that NEWS does still feature as a regular group in the main magazines.

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NEWS Tokyo Dome Concert Photos

Back with the final round of live photos from the 2015 tour.

These are from the final concerts of the tour at Tokyo Dome, though there are also a few from Hiroshima mixed in.

As usual, there are NEWS group photos, some KoyaShige and Koyama and Shige solo sets.

There are quite a collection of photos in this post - but they really convey the sense of fun and energy of the tour.

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