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Sanity Post - aka A Word From Our Sponsor

Welcome / Welcome Back

There are a few things I feel I need to say regarding the scans that I share on this journal.

Up until now all my posts have been public and open with no restrictions or rules.

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Hikari no Shizuku/Touch Shop Photos

Sharing the full set of official shop photos released for the Hikari no Shizuku / Touch single.

These photos seemed to come in 3 sets within the full set. There are photos from the cover shoot as well as the making of the 2 music videos. The bulk of the photos are from the filming of Touch.

And special thanks to all who helped keep this as a full set.

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Magazines - March 2016 [1]

Catching up with the latest issues of Myojo and Popolo.

Nice to see NEWS finally get coverage in Popolo for the CM page. Let's hope it's not too long before NEWS get another major CM campaign.

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Sharing a collection of recent magazines featuring NEWS promotion the release of the Hikari no Shizuku / Touch single. Magazines include Gekkan Songs, TV Guide, The Television and Stage Square Extra.

Gekkan Songs which had a cover and feature on NEWS as well as the piano score for White Love Story.

TV Guide also has some major coverage as well as 2 small posters. The Stage Square Extra is a round up of stage appearances for 2015 and so has the final coverage of Koyama and Great Nature.

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Magazines - February 2016 [2]

Back with another round of scans and a bit of an explanation. My trusty old scanner started having issues before Christmas and I ordered a replacement. Unfortunately after waiting for the store to source one (after New Year), they didn't, so then I had to find another option. So I have a new scanner and I'm still trying to work out its tricks and what it can do. It frustrating because technically Canon still make my old scanner you just can't get one. At least I still have my good friend Photoshop to do the polishing.

So here, at last, are the February issues of Duet, Potato and WinkUp.

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Another Collection of Shige Magazines

Sharing another collection of Shige related magazines.

These mainly relate to the drama version of Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa though also the Pink and Gray movie and a few pages of NEWS as well.

Shige has been in high demand for 2016 so far and he has already made three personal appearances at screenings of Pink and Gray since it opened on January 9. And next weekend is the final episode of Kasa o Motani Aritachi wa.

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Hikari no Shizuku/Touch Clearfiles

My new CDs arrived today, so in the excitement after watching the DVDs I decided to jump ahead and scan the clearfiles.

This time around, possibly because we have 2 DVDs with 2 PVs and 2 making ofs, the cd booklets are very minimal. In fact, all the photos used appear on the clearfiles.

So rather than doing the smaller versions (or cut off versions in some cases) from the booklets, I decided just to do the clearfiles in a size better for appreciation.

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Some Shige Magazines

Sharing the first of a collection of magazines featuring Shige.

He's had a fair bit of coverage to start the year with both the Pink & Gray movie and the Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa drama both launching on January 9.

Magazines here are Nikkei Entertainment, Nikkei Heath and TV Colors Read & White Vol.19, focusing on the Shige related pages.

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Magazines - February 2016 [1]

A little late but here are the February issues of Myojo and Popolo.

Moving into the new year these definitely have a wintery feel to them.

Of course in my part of the world our seasons are the opposite to Japan, so Happy New Year to everyone, especially those in the middle of summer!

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End of Year Mag Catch-up [3]

Happy New Year!

This will most likely be my last post of quite a busy year. Let's hope that NEWS stay as active in 2016 and beyond as they've been in 2015.

Sharing one last collection of end of year magazines - Chou Chou Aliis, The Television, TV Guide and TV LIFE.

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